Brief Introduction to Deep Analysis and Research on the BOPET Market in China 2011-2015
Date:2011/5/1   Hits:1719

Relying on mass data from State Statistical Bureau, Chemical Industry Association of China, National Development and Reform Commission, Development Research Center of the State Council, China Economic Monitoring Center and relevant publications both at home and abroad as well as years of experience in the research of the BOPET trade, and integrating the change law of demand and supply, the report carries out deep investigation and research on the enterprises in the BOPET trade and is written by the scientific research method of quantification and qualification.

The report analyzes macroscopically the overall and part development situations of the world BOPET trade 2010-2015, the macroscopic development environment of the BOPET trade in China, and the overall development status quo of the BOPET trade in China. The report also makes a detailed and microscopic analysis of the production and sale situation and prediction of the trade 2010-2015, the regional development situation and prediction, the specific economic operation, the market competition environment, the development of key enterprises, as well as the global competitive of the trade. Regarding the investment on the trade, the report analyzes both macroscopically and microscopically the investment risks, the countermeasures to keep away from them, and the investment strategy. Concerning the development trend of the trade, the report analyzes the development direction of the trade, and predicts the trade production value, income, profit and assets 2011-2015 through scientific methods.

Though the BOPET trade in China has developed much in recent years, there are also some problems existing in the trade and there is also a big gap from our foreign counterparts. Due to lack of core technology, OEM is still the common survival pattern of Chinese manufacturers. For example, many high-end products have their foreign core technology in spite of their birthplace in China. In light of this, the 12th Five-Year Plan points out clearly that we should deepen the structural reform, promote the integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes, and make the high-end manufacture become the leading and pillar industry of the national economy with the integration of the basic function of the market and the guidance and drive of the government and the integration of scientific innovation and industrialization. The upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry has great impact and significance on the BOPET trade.

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