Nanjing Lanpucheng Industry Co., Ltd/Nanjing Plastic Packing Material Plant had a symposium on work innovation
Date:2011/5/9   Hits:1925

On April 9th and 10th, 2011, Nanjing Lanpucheng Industry Co., Ltd./Nanjing Plastic Packing Material Plant had a symposium on working innovation in Gaochun. Li Hua, vice director general of Strategic Investment and Assets Management Center, China National Packing Corporation, attended this symposium.

The motive of this symposium is to implement the spirit of China National Packing Corporation’s symposium on working innovation, study and discuss jointly the innovative mentality for better business development in accordance with the strategic layout of China National Packing Material Corporation as well as the real situation of the company, boost the reform and development of the company, and further enhance the core competitiveness of the company.


On the symposium, Xu Chengcheng, chairman of the board, gave a theme speech tilted as “concentrating on the beginning, keeping innovating to a higher level”. Comprehensively elaborating on three aspects, namely the current situation faced by the enterprise, the main current work, and the feasibility of the enterprise’s optical film project, he made clear the development clew and direction of the enterprise. 


Cao Jianhua, the assistant, Ding Changwang, Huang Yunling and Lu Qingfeng, three directors of branch factories, gave deep speeches and put forward working mentalities respectively. During the 2-day symposium, all persons taking part in it spoke eagerly to offer their advice for the innovative development of Lanpucheng.

All persons on the symposium are convinced that this symposium with concrete content, careful mentality and new form has made clear the clew and encouraged all employees. Listing Lanpucheng as the core of its new material business, China National Packing Material Corporation will invest more on Lanpucheng to support the optical film project, which surely inspires all employees and further strengthens the confidence of Lanpucheng in reform and development. We will fully fulfill the spirit of the speech of Zong Jian, general manager of China National Packing Material Corporation to work innovatively and ensure the smooth implementation of the corporation’s strategy.

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