Technical Verification Meeting on “Optical-Level Mylar Film Project” was held in Nanjing
Date:2011/5/11   Hits:2026

On May 11th, 2011, the Council of Nanjing Economic and Technical Development Zone and Nanjing Lanpucheng Industry Co., Ltd. jointly held the Technical Verification Meeting on the China National Packing Corporation’s Electron Special Function Type Optical-Level Mylar Film Project with the Annual Output of 50,000 Tons. The experts taking part in the meeting are from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing University of Technology, Jiangsu Textile Industry Institute, Zhongdian Panda LCD Technology Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Hecheng Chemical Materials Co., Ltd, National Packing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Nanjing FPD Industry Association, etc.

The experts on the meeting listened carefully to the project situation report made by Shen Anle, deputy general manager of Nanjing Lanpucheng Industry Co., Ltd., the contractor of the project. Centering on the scientific property and rationality of the project and the progress and feasibility of the technical solution, the experts discussed the project scheme put forward by the investor carefully, and formed concurrent verification opinion.

The experts are convinced that China National Packing Corporation’s optical-level mylar film project meets the country’s industrial policy and the Nanjing’s industrial development plan. As the mylar film with the best comprehensive performance, the optical-level mylar film has the advantages of flawless appearance, low haze, high light transmittance (or high reflectivity) and high cleanliness besides the performance of common mylar film like high strength and high toughness. Its products are widely applied to the fields of LCD’s backlight module, flexible circuit board, solar energy backing film, car film and building film, etc. In a word, the project has a bright application prospect.

With the rapid development of the emerging industries like energy conservation and emission reduction, flat panel display, and photovoltaic power generation, the optical-level mylar film has wider and wider market. Nanjing Lanpucheng, which has already mastered the film use nanometer technology, can provide the key technical guarantee for the production of the optical-level mylar film. Thanks to its abundant experience and technical accumulation on the mylar film double-stretching technology research, Nanjing Lanpucheng has developed several equipment that are suitable for the Chinese national conditions and have been well applied in the enterprise as well as the field. Setting foot on the introduction of advanced key equipment and the full play to our own advantages, we try to make special equipment and process concerned with the multi-layer joint-extrusion successive stretching film platting method. The orientation and road of technical research and development are correct and feasible. We have gradually mastered the technologies of the release film, the anti-static film, the diffusion film and the hardened film in the coating field, which is the subsequence processing field of the optical film. Setting several No.1 records domestically concerning the R&D and production of the mylar film and the design and application of the double-stretching equipment, Nanjing Lanpucheng enjoys sharp technological advantages compared with domestic like enterprises and is basically provided with all conditions for developing the electron function type optical mylar film.

The experts also suggested that the investor should carry out the project as soon as possible, add technical reserve, and convert the results of the small-scale test into the pilot product as soon as possible. Concerning the investment and marketing strategies, the experts suggested to compete with world top rivals, break through the monopoly of the foreign product, and drive the industry ahead.

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