Lanpucheng new material company the first electronic fair acclaim
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Nanjing lanpucheng New Material Company Limited in April 10th 13to 12, the first Shenzhen electronics fair. This exposition by theMinistry of industry and information technology and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government hosted, China Electronics Corporation and Shenzhen flat panel display industry associationjointly sponsored, exhibition area of over 100000 square meters,more than 1200 exhibitors bring the latest products and technologyfor the industry (including overseas exhibitors and more than 15%),new product exhibition platform published more than 2000 pieces.Exhibition display products covering electronic information industrythe whole industry chain, is currently Asia's largest integrated electronic information exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition is "to accelerate the development of a new generation of information technology, promoting the transformation of economic development way", focuses on thelatest development trend of the new generation of information technology and industry focus on display, including computer,communication, consumer electronics and digital home, the emerging field of Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, next generation network, new display, high-end integrated circuit components, basic electronics, information systems and applications.

Domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises of electronic information industry, the latest products and the latest technology to display in this platform. To Lenovo, Coolpad, Shenzhourepresented IT information and intelligent terminal; to Haier, TCL,Changhong as the representative of the audio-visual; flat to BOE,AUO, bright star as the representative of the display; speechtechnology by iFLYTEK represented; to MediaTek, in coreinternational, Huarun rockchip micro, 

Spreadtrum, such as the representative of a number of chip; 3D visual class enterprises inSichuan Pashtoon represented; basic electronics in Guizhou Astronautics, Hengdian dongci, Changzhou galaxy, Jun Yao as the representative of the class; electronic equipment to monarchical power automation, Yinhua Xiamen represented by B & K,;Mitsubishi Chemical, fishing power as the representative of thelithium battery type. In Jilin, the Hebei commission by letter as the representative of the United Provinces group will be blooming in the theme pavilion, at the same time, the Ministry of industry and information technology exhibition will display the image of new scientific technology and achievement of national electronic information industry.

The exhibition attracted many large enterprises in the field of electronic information and the competitive advantage of small and medium enterprises. Large enterprises are: China, Hisense, Haierelectronics, Lenovo, Changhong, BOE, TCL, cool; chipEnterprises: 

MediaTek, Spreadtrum, rockchip, in core international;photoelectric enterprises: bright star, AU Optronics, Ivo, CNACphotoelectric, Tianma, ultrasound, Han's laser; basic electronicsare: Guizhou, Hengdian East, Changzhou Galaxy aerospace, Jun Yao electronic, Guangdong Kexin; electronic equipmententerprises: the automation, Yinhua Xiamen; electronic test and measurement of enterprise: Agilent, Rhodes and Schwartz, Henghe electric, Pu source; lithium ion battery enterprises: Bang Kai,Mitsubishi Chemical, fishing power etc..

At the same time, a comprehensive display of technology and industry development, the Expo also organized Development Summit Forum, a new generation of information technology industry, focusing on a new generation of information technologyindustry hotspot settings topic, inviting the industry's influentialguests, in information technology, brewing breakthrough in global information industry structure adjustment under the background ofinformation, the direction and trend technology and industry development.

Lanpu company as the show only a polyester film manufacturer,was solemnly launched a series of products, including a reflective film, matte film, AB film, diffusion of new products, of which the reflecting film is one of the most successful products. Reflecting film is our 5 years of independent development, patented product,the product performance has reached international level, more than the rest of the domestic products. Reflecting film is mainly applied to the list display industry, during the show, well received by all the experts, customers.

The Secretary Optoelectronics Association of China, Mr. Liang Qingxin, BOE LCD Association vice chairman, visited lanpuchengcompany booth, that reflective film products lanpucheng companyafter several years of development successfully launched, broke down in the liquid crystal display raw materials of foreign companies in a monopoly position, has the vital significance to thenationalization of the industry as a whole.

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