Name ID Application
Reflective film RFSeries For TV, laptops, navigation systems, LED panel light in the backlight module assembly
Solar energy back film TFSeries For solar energy back (TPT, TPE) encapsulation
Tunica albuginea BFSeries White opaque film for glass decoration, from the film, medical printing, light film, labels, tape, electronic products
Blue film LFSeries Blue polyester film, used from the type of the base film, medical film, etc.
Matt film YFSeries Low surface gloss, low transmittance, in optical diffusion transfer furniture, aluminum, adhesive tape, printed labels
Gray film HB01 Opaque side gray / black, one side white co-extruded film
Black film HF01 Black opaque polyester film, high surface brightness, used in electronic products, musical instruments, etc.
Highlight film GF01 Low haze, high bright film, used in electronic products, furniture and metastasis
Burkina film coated T10 Surface clean and free of scratches, used from the film, protective film field
Aluminized D10 Having low haze, low shrinkage, dimensional stability, etc.
Laminating Film H10 Inherently stable performance, better transparency, widely used for decoration, advertising, documents, photographic film, etc.
Tape base film J10 Has a high thermal stability, good stiffness, high strength, suitable for all kinds of high, mid-range tape
The insulating film 6020 A stable insulating properties, used in wires, cables, transformers
The insulating film 6021 White insulating film, used in motor slot insulation
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